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Mr Sebastian Aw. Director of Housekeeping.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore.

Housekeeping is one of the most important areas of the hotel. Rooms have to be turned over fast. They have to be spotless.
ENJO has made it easier for my staff as it is so easy to use and produces the excellent results that we need. It also saves us money from having to buy different types of chemicals.


Ms Kamsiah bte Abdul Jamil. Professional housekeeper

Cleaning with ENJO products, You will never regret! Save time, value for money! I used to take a week to clean for Hari Raya but with ENJO I'm done in 4 days!

Charles and Trixie Savage. Very busy working couple

My wife and I use ENJO in the kitchen and bath/toilet and would not recommend anything else. The cleaning is fast and does not take much time or effort. The quality is fantastic.

We are still using the first set of mittens and they still do a great job be it cleaning ourselves in our bath/shower or scrubbing (and oh so gently) the bath itself.

I cleaned the shower/bath taps and outlet the first time with ENJO and that did take some time and effort and now all I have to do is use the ENJOfil at the end of each shower/bath to wipe them dry and all these fittings sparkle and shine every time. I am really quite amazed!

Felix Yeo. Breeder & Owner. Temasek Cattery.

Home to Ragdoll and Singapura.

I am using ENJO products for a while now and am very satisfied with the results.

Bhada Sinhaphalin. Hotelier

At last there is good product that I can use without chemical. Great Stuff !

Mrs. Kathy Dunderdale. Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.
Jin Shin Jyutsu, Singapore. www.jinshinjyutsu-singapore.com

I've used ENJO products in my home since 1998. Simply put, they work. No gimmick. I never worry about having the correct cleaning product. I just use my ENJO fibers. Using ENJO gives me satisfaction that I am doing my bit to help the environment.

Mdm Fung Li Cheng. Housewife with 3 sons

The ENJO fibres really works! It cleans effectively without the use of harsh chemicals thereby giving my family a safer home environment. It also take the chore out of cleaning and saves me time.

Ms Esther Tan. Shop Manager

I’m extremely happy with the effortless way I clean my toilet now. It is fast and efficient with ENJO!

Ms Yong Lye Peng. Consultant

A genuinely effective environmentally-friendly household cleaning solution that's great for everyone at home (including my cats)

Ms Shalini Sockalingam. Freelance Writer

I bought my ENJO glove some 3 months ago intrigued by the possibility of just water being able to clean greasy scum off my cooker hood and the surrounding tiles.  Been trying for years to completely remove the oiliness with various de-greasers to no avail. 

The demo amazed me.  With 2 wipes the grease was completely removed.  Its exceeded my expectations! I have saved much time and effort and the convenience of the ENJO glove far outweighs the cost.   Personally, cleaning with water fits nicely into my own philosophy of going natural as much as you can.

I'm very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone who has ever had to spend time in the kitchen scrubbing and cleaning. 

Mark Pestana. Producer

I’ve been ENJO-ying my ENJOs ever since I got the first floor cleaner with the telescopic handle.
 Even my 3-year old son wants to pitch in with the housework now.
 I’ve since bought ENJO for my kitchen, bathroom, car and even my skin.